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It Would Not Be A Convention Without A Protest

I would be remiss in not reporting on what I witnessed at the RNC Convention regarding the actions of peace protesters and anarchists.

Accompanied by bloggers, Stix and Marathon Pundit, I visited two places where the peace protesters and anarchists gathered to plead their complaints publicly, Rice Park and the state capital park.

Rice Park, a picturesque square situated one block away from the Xcel Energy Center. The park is filled with amusing statues of Charles Schultz’s creations, a life sized statue of F. Scott Fitzgerald greets visitors, flowing fountains and flower-filled baskets decorate the park. MSNBC chose this venue to set up their outdoor reporting platform. In doing so, perhaps purposely, the media outlet attracted what I label fringe rejects. Code Pink was a frequent visitor to Rice Park.

The Paulistans, Truthers, Obama’s lover and other assorted individuals jockeyed to place their signs where it could be viewed in the background of various MSNBC live broadcasts. After taking a picture of one massive sign with the message of Bush being a murder, liar and so forth, I asked the owner who they were voting for this election. She responded ‘Cynthia McKinney’. It was a wonder how I kept my poker face as I walked away. Like a bad penny, she followed me through the crowd to ask what media I worked for, so I told her ‘Blackwater News’.

Rice Park is a great place to savor a Starbuck’s caramel latte while chatting with a dog owner who renamed his dogs to Obama and Hilary for this week. In St. Paul, I didn’t have to seek them out, they found me!

Code Pink organized a small group of supporters who had trouble following along with the chants of the day. Interestingly enough, there was push back from the surrounding crowd. For a minute, I had the cameras focused on me instead of Code Pink when I explained the sordid history of this organization to two Code Pink hecklers. The crowd let out a laugh when a protester with a megaphone described Code Pink as wiccans and witches. I’ve seen what they did in Berkeley, and had to agree that it was a characterization not far from the truth!

Must say that meeting the blogger who captured the Don Fowler comments on a flight to Raleigh was one highlight of this adventure.

As much fun as it was to watch the spectacle going on at Rice Park, there were other areas that we wanted to explore.

The State Capitol Building sits on a hill and is a striking neoclassical building. On two occasions I wandered to the Capitol the peace protesters were nowhere to be found, although evidence of their existence could be detected by the trash found on the ground.

We finally encountered these often discussed and never seen protesters on Thursday afternoon. We watched as they converged on the 7th street bridge. The bridge was secured by Minneapolis robocops and horse patrols. I’d like to say I saw something new and exciting, but it was the same tired refrain I see every week in West Chester.

When we detected an odor of bleach around the protesters, it was decided that it would be in our best interest to head back to the Xcel Energy Center instead of sticking around to see the fireworks.

And so ends the tale of our protester quest in St. Paul.

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10 responses to “It Would Not Be A Convention Without A Protest

  1. TRISH

    I will spend some time tomorrow reading and listening to your incredible coverage of the Anarchists, but can we define that word finally?
    Right now, I am going to copy what I wrote elsewhere regarding the new “ad” I just watched, because it fits here too. I will comment further on the base human waste that appeared at the RNC to “protest”, and ask your advice, as to how I might rinse the stench off, from reading week-long recaps of same.
    Holy smokes, why don’t we send this to the entire USA?
    If, indeed this will be sent as a McCain commercial, great. Not perfect, because the other team will re-butt it.
    But, if in fact this will only be seen by us, the strong and willing patriots of the USA, where will anyone else see it? Not on the news, not with the left wing main stream media news.
    Oh I am very worried. My strength lies with the rest of my friends, who recognize the left wing path our democratic party wishes to take us on. What they put forth as a peaceful and unifying platform, is by far the most extreme that Democrats have ever aspired to.
    This has become a very life-threatening moment, for Americans who believe in the constitution!
    Obama is NOT “for the troops”
    And anyone who thinks it is not the base foundation of our politics, our way of life, our past and our future, to be “FOR THE TROOPS” is completely out of touch!
    God Bless the USA, all of our great soldiers who defend us, and all of the citizens who rely upon their bravery!

  2. Stix

    One thing, my name is Stix not Styx. Styx is a river and a a band. Every one gets that wrong.

    It was fun to see the wildlife around the Xcel Center and the Capital. John was nuts, but he didn’t get doused with bleach or anything else.

  3. Stix

    I think the guy from NJ needs to get back on his meds.

  4. Trish

    On my long rant above, I had meant to include this link- hat tip American Sheepdogs/Lady Sheepdog.


    There’s a comment in this, that says, McCain wouldn’t exploit the soldiers and use this video, but someone should, because it is terrific.

    I love the line “you wouldn’t rescue a fireman about to save a child” directly correlating a soldier’s duty to complete his mission, with a fireman’s duty. Awesome.

  5. Jenn of the Jungle

    I renamed my dog “Pit bull with lipstick” for the week.

    I love the last vid. the guy is wearing a dunce cap. How apt.

  6. brityank

    Seems someone stole your last vid, it’s “No longer available.” Knowing the moonbats in YouTube they likely killed it out of spite!. Thanks for the reports; I do wish the cops were as bad as these idiots claim they are, maybe the idiots would think twice. Oh sorry — that equates them to having some semblance of intelligence; their actions prove otherwise.

  7. Anonymous


    Sometimes that message comes up in YouTube.

    Try again later. try refresh, or ignore that and hit ply.

  8. brityank

    Thanks, Anon =

    This time it came up fine; nothing I did yesterday would.

    Love how the moonbat has noticed that the Right Wing is composed of “beautiful people” compared to the Left’s collection of dropout ne’re-do-wells.


  9. Humbled Infidel

    LOL…They chant “the whole world is watching”…what they leave out is the whole world is laughing their butts off at these ‘peace protesters’

  10. cj

    I’m with Humbled Infidel -

    Except that had I been there I would’ve answered them by chanting:

    And they think you’re idiots.

    Does that make me evil?


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