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Interview with Al Jazeera

It is interesting who strikes up a conversation with you in the Press Filing Center:

Myself and Marathon Pundit were both interviewed by a roving reporter for Al-Jazeera English.

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3 responses to “Interview with Al Jazeera

  1. blondeconservative

    Maybe MSNBC hires from within Al_Jezeera. Their broadcasts sure seem like they do. I think Olbie is one of “them.”

  2. ADN

    its actually seems a fair rendition of your words.

    i was in riyad saudi arabia for a week in july. the first day i was there the english paper editorial stated that

    the wells in usa are poisoned
    people that speak out against W are seized in the middle of the night and there are 1000′s of such detainees

    i have the clip as a jpg
    needless to say, my letter to the editor, sent under a pseudodymn so as not to endanger my hosts, was not published

    but the paper’s web site is hosted in the usa and the editors email address was aol….. amazing the website has not been attacked, if america is as he says

    now MY report on the state of saudi….
    that is another conversation
    but i dont want to fill up space here


  3. Trish

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