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Campbell Brown on Her SoapBox

What a study in biased reporting. Watch the body language of Campbell Brown as she attempts to grill Lady Lynn:

Interestingly enough, no one in the media had a problem with the alleged ‘elitism’ of Lady Lynn when she was donating large sums of money to the DNC.

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4 responses to “Campbell Brown on Her SoapBox

  1. ADN

    Hi Skye
    I am jumping on a plane to Miami very shortly, and am just post debate. We watched it a huge bar mostly democratic, and it seems to me Mccain got beat badly – maybe i was under the influence of too much booze, i dont know. My question to you is, will you still keep your blog up in an Obama administration, or will you shut it down and return to private life. How would you feel about being an “opposition blog” a la Michelle Malkin. Do you think an Obama/Democratic congress would enact any legislation to hinder blogs? Thx in advance for your kind replies. Cheers.

  2. skyr

    It was the booze . McCAin mopped the floor with Obama
    I will continue blogging.thanks for asking!

  3. Dee

    Is this guy kidding? Did he watch the debate? That’s right…he was drunk..you would have to be to think that McCain got trounced. From what I saw, he put 0 on the run several times. Everytime I heard 0 speak, I said, What did he say? He takes all possible positions on an issue, and wholeheartedly believes in them all.

    You’ll keep the blog going as long as the likes of 0 and his cronies don’t win shutting up conservatives, right? Never happen. No way he could really make Americans do what he wants. Do I hear internal conflict?

  4. paulcouturier1ea

    Dee, what we have here is a classic case of a DUMBocrat trying to be all things to all people!!!!

    scary kerry tried it back in ’04; it didn’t work for him, so WHY does obomber think it’ll work for him???????????????

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