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Not This Time, Not This Election, Not Obama

Found a great website that shows the down to earth side of John McCain, as chronicled by his talented daughters: McCainBlogette

I’ve never seen this private side of any politician that is so genuine and down to earth. Guess what, this is family you want to have as a neighbor, this is guy you want to be the next President.

Photos shamelessly borrowed from McCainBlogette.com:

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2 responses to “Not This Time, Not This Election, Not Obama

  1. blondeconservative

    Seems like a man of real character (who also happens to know that there are only 50 states).

  2. Trish

    Why is it that the Republicans consistantly nominate and elect people who are real folks, and the democrats continually prop up people who are out of touch with reality and the real world?
    Their machine is entrenched with elitists and activists, both of whom say one thing and do another!

    We can’t afford to have them in the White House. Not this time, not this candidate!

    Go McCain!

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