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GOP Convention Schedule

It has been a whirlwind week – watching the DNC Convention and prepping for the RNC convention.

For the GOP convention, I’ve managed to reserve a seat at several lectures and parties during my time in St. Paul.

Sunday: Opening blogger party at Centerfield Bar

Monday: Pew Center on the State’s Electionline.org – Journalist Forum: Suppose they held an election and everybody came? Fl. Secretary of State Kurt Browning.

Tuesday: GOP Forum: Health Care Forum – moderated by Leslie Stahl – U.S. Healthcare Policy Recommendations for Policy Makers and the Next Administration

Tuesday: Vets For Freedom: Salute to Heroes

Tuesday: Salute to American Veterans

Tuesday: Blogger Brunch – hosted by Google and Redstate – not sure it will match The Big Tent at the DNC.

Wednesday: Blogger Brunch – hosted by Google and Redstate – Guests: Bobby Jindal and Fred Thompson.

Thursday: Republicans for Environmental Protection (wait list)

Not plans for sleep the entire week! I am truly looking forward to sharing this historic Convention with my readers and lurkers.

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9 responses to “GOP Convention Schedule

  1. Mike's America

    Those all sound interesting. I wonder if they will invite globaloney sceptics to speak at the Environmental forum?

  2. Skye

    The Environmental forum is hosted by Theodore Roosevelt IV

  3. Kate

    Can’t wait for the play-by-play from MN, Skye!

  4. Necromancer

    Stay safe Skye and have a good time. Hopefully you’ll be doing a Mogulus on one of the pages such as Mike’sAmerica or FloppingAces.

  5. Dee

    Goodbye, good luck, and have the time of your life. Can’t wait to see all that you have on the convention. Go Sarah Palin.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi Skye – I’m looking forward to your coverage particularly healthcare. -Mike K.

  7. Karen Dirty Shorts

    I was right, you are funded by Blackwater.

  8. Anonymous

    All it would take for a Republican landslide is a nude of Palin.

    All of Hillary’s girlfriends would vote for her.

  9. Grizzly Mama

    Skye – I’ll be checking to see how things are. What’s going on with Gustav now on the scene???

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