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IBD’s Revolution Redux

George W’s War:

No one likes war. War is a horrific affair, bloody and expensive. Sending our men and women into battle to perhaps die or be maimed is an unconscionable thought.

Yet some wars need to be waged, and someone needs to lead. The citizenry and Congress are often ambivalent or largely opposed to any given war. It’s up to our leader to convince them. That’s why we call the leader “Commander in Chief.”

The similarities between the War on Terror and our own Revolution are astounding. Read the rest HERE.

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One response to “IBD’s Revolution Redux

  1. Trish

    So even back then, journalists were fickle friends to men with vision and patriotism! It doesn’t surprise me in the least. The analogy to todays fight against terrorism and islmofacism, is quite on point! GW then and now…

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