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Archive for April 2008

Fact Free Letter to the Editor

And watch out for that young woman who smiles and acts like she’s on neither side – as she films and now, I gather, and records our conversations. She has a blog where she damns us royally, using words from our conversations with each other.

Ccpeacemovement at aol.com Ccpeacemovement at aol.com Fri Oct 5 18:12:48 EDT 2007

After a delightful flurry of rational and insightful letters to the editor of the Daily Local; I surmised it was only a matter of time before the Director of the Chester County ‘Peace’ Movement belched out a rebuttal.

Today was the day.

With a letter filled with poorly constructed ad hominen attacks, she publicly revealed herself to be more of back alley bully than a ‘peace’ movement director. The reckless and unsubstantiated allegations of harassment, and a not-so-veiled threat of violence against a woman supporting the victory movement illuminates the ‘peaceful’ intentions of the Chester County ‘peace’ Movement Director.

I read with great amusement her description of a mature “young woman”. Maturity is a word with multi-faceted meanings . When it comes to emotional maturity and intellectual maturity, the young woman is light-years ahead. However, the Director of the Chester County ‘peace’ movement shall always surpass the young woman in chronological maturity. As for the blog she mentions, yes, there are hateful words on this blog – and they are referenced from the newsletters of the Director of the Chester County ‘peace’ Movement. I encourage everyone to surf on the blog and take time to become ‘educated‘ on the hate filled rhetoric from the Director of the Chester County ‘peace’ Movement.

My favorite part of this LTE was the following quote:

“Someone asked me why the Daily Local publishes such blatant lies, and I answered that the newspaper isn’t in the business of fact-checking all letters (obviously). It’s our job to do that, so I am.”

Let us take a good look at a sampling of ‘FACTS’ presented by the Director of the Chester County ‘peace’ Movement in recent months. I would call upon the readers of the Daily Local to begin ‘fact-checking’ these statements from the Director of the CC’p'M October 14, 2007 newsletter:

These people were trained by someone in vicious taunting, in vile language, in cruel tactics. They are dogs on chains. My guess is that at least a couple of them – if, in fact they were ever in the military, and we cannot even believe that – have been trained in the military or elsewhere (Blackwater-type organizations?) in the most vile interrogation tactics.

* Infiltrators were the rule in the Vietnam War – infiltrators, instigators, trouble-makers, agents provacateur – think there’s any difference today? The only difference is that technology makes it much easier for them today.

* They are TRAINED by someone.

* Are they paid? that’s my guess – no proof, but I doubt they’re doing this free.

* This country uses private mercenaries – jackbooted thugs – and has huge bases for them here in the U.S. for whatever the government wants to do TO us

I would love to see the evidence that persuaded the Director of the Chester County ‘peace’ Movement to distribute these statements as fact to her membership. One would like to believe that a woman of ‘peace’ would have truth on her side, and not have to resort to using misleading statements to plead her case.

As much as the Director of the Chester County ‘peace’ Movement crows about videos, she neglects to inform the reader of my own collection of videos from the past 8 months.

Below is a video montage responding to the Director’s recent foray into projection:

Ccpeacemovement at aol.com Sat Apr 12 20:38:14 EDT 2008
I think the main thing was a feeling of safety that we had not felt in 6 long months under virtual siege. No yelling in our faces, no pushing and nudging, no nastiness, threats, names, curses…. just true peace.

Upon reading her LTE, one can only ask when has the Director of the ‘peace’ Movement ever produced evidence and not rhetoric? Is the public not entitled to this evidence and should simply accept her statements as completely factual? Fortunately, reasonable individuals who read the Daily Local can see this for what it is – empty rhetoric devoid of any shred of intellectual or moral honesty. After the deliberate provocation by a member of the ‘peace’ movement this past Saturday, one might consider the title of ‘Director’ to be just as empty.

I will close with an ironic twist to this saga: The Director of the Chester County ‘peace’ Movement had previously given her blessing to post her words…

By the way, evidently one of their groups has posted one of my e-mails at their website (thanks to one of you for tipping me off!). I see it as a great way to spread our word.
Ccpeacemovement at aol.com Ccpeacemovement at aol.com
Fri Oct 5 06:18:34 EDT 2007


West Chester Rally ~ 4/26/08

Thanks Sean for this marvelous group photo! I am always inspired by the commitment of the individuals who show up every weekend to support our troops. Even when I am not able to attend the rally, you are not far from my thoughts.
I am saddended to report the separation agreement between the Sheepdogs and the peace protesters was broken this past Saturday. A peace protester crossed to our corner and stayed a few minutes to film. The director of the Chester County ‘Peace’ Movement did nothing to stop or recall this individual, perhaps intentionally.
Quite frankly, I am surprised they held out this long before breaking the agreement. In the end, it was the ‘peaceful’ folk who broke the fragile peace in West Chester. Color me unsurprised.


Dating and Conservative Women

John Hawkin’s has penned another outstanding interview on female bloggers:

A few weeks ago, I ran an article called “Interviewing Six Conservative Female Bloggers On Dating.”The article received a lot of attention, drew a lot of links, and people were still discussing it weeks after the original piece came out. So, I figured now would be a great time to do a part two. So, I interviewed another group of conservative women to find out some of their best and worst dating stories, to see if there’s a difference between dating conservative and liberal men, and just to get a little of the dating advice that people seem to be so interested in.


Le Divorce on YouTube

Trisha Walsh Smith, soon to be ex-wife of Phil Smith, president of the Schubert Organization, the oldest and largest theater company in America has found an outlet for her frustrations – YouTube. It looks like the honeymoon is over for these two kids, and the divorce drama is still in its first act. You can watch it unravel in all its glory on YouTube, thanks to the video updates/rants from Trisha.

Popcorn, anyone?


BSG 4 ~ Escape Velocity

This episode was directed by Edward James Olmos.

Leave it to Baltar to incite divisions amongst the fleet and make a backhand slap at monotheism.

Cally’s dead, and Tyrol is crazy. Move along, nothing new to see here.

Can they just find Earth, for frak’s sake. This storyline is getting beyond annoying.


PLC Recap

If you live in Pennsylvania and are working to improve the quality of life in you little piece of PA, attending the annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference is compulsory.

Whether you are working in grass roots activism, running for office, or just interested in conservative issues this conference is where you need to be. The conference allows you the opportunity to network with the movers and shakers of the conservative movement in Pennsylvania. An additional perk this year allowed you the opportunity to meet the stylish and influential Pennsylvania bloggers making this a premier event for Pennsylvania conservatives.

I affectionately call this conference CPAC-lite.

The conference started early Friday with my attendence at Campaign School, sponsored by Westlawn Group and The Leadership Institute. I drank a lot of coffee and took copious notes..you never know what the future may bring. As I was leaving, I had the pleasure of meeting blogger AJ Sparxx’s of Conseratives With Attitude!

As my fellow Sheepdogs set up our exhibit, I wandered into the room set aside for bloggers and bumped into Michael Steele prepping for his opening remarks. He was kind enough to take a moment to pose for a photograph. While setting up my equipment, I met a fellow democrat and blogger - will wonders never cease!

I made a point to attend the “Pundits, Pollsters and Policy” Panel discussion and was not disappointed by the views expressed by the panelists. Amanda Carpenter spoke first on the difference between blogging and feature writing. She remarked how she generally is considered a blogger because of her TownHall Blog, yet labels herself as a journalist. She made a point to separate the two entities in her professional life.
Tony Phyrillis, city editor and political columnist for the Pottstown Mercury commented on the impact of blogs on the gray lady of traditional print media.

One of the best parts of this conference is the relaxed access to some remarkable individuals. Whether it is a chat with Bill Russell at Blogger’s (Skye’s) Row, or sharing a laugh with Pat Toomey and Lou Barletta at the Sheepdog exhibit. Toni Gilhooley, who is running for a seat in the 17th congressional district stopped by to sign our Wall. I had the opportunity to spend time talking with this remarkable woman. She is a ground breaker for women working in non-traditional roles, and is currently facing a ‘goliath’ of an opponent – and we all know what happend to goliath.

Curt Schroder stopped by our exhibit and I found him personable and down to earth. We have much in common, Rich and I invited him to join our flag day celebration.

A way too early morning breakfast talk on the legacy of Reagan by Dr. Paul Kengor, professor of political science at Grove City College, was informative and inspirational. One point that I found interesting was the Dr. Kengor’s comparison of our ‘cold war’ enemy to that of today’s islamofascist terrorists. The two are NOT mutually inclusive. The Russian’s were essentially aethists who did not believe in an afterlife, and did not want to die. In comparison, the islamofascist terrorist’s primary goal is to die and be rewarded in paradise. Using the Reaganesque economic sanctions to defeat today’s terrorists will NOT work.

Overall, I enjoyed the conference this year – with the exception of Saturday night’s dinner – Alpo con carne. Yum. If you have the opportunity to attend next year – the 20th anniversary edition, do it, it is a great use of your time.


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Sheepdogs at PLC

Our table at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. It is safe to say we have the best looking display at this conference. The background mural was designed by Paul Eisemann and contains numerous messages of support for our troops. This ‘Wall’ of suport will be sent to our troops in the Middle East. During the conference we invited attendees to leave their own message to our troops. A million thanks to Bud and Jim for creating the two fabulous slide shows that were on our display table. Without the tech gear donated by Sean, we would not have been able to share these slideshows with the attendees – Thank You! The always magnificent NeoCon was so generous in printing a selection of photos from his collection for us to display in a montage. Mike, Jim – you guys made such a positive impression on the attendees – Thank You!!!!

Michelle Malkin Meets The Sheepdogs!

This year’s Keynote Speaker, Michelle Malkin, stopped by to greet the Sheepdogs and to sign our “Wall”. She is one of the most gracious bloggers I’ve met and is appreciative of our efforts in West Chester. Next year, I hoping the organizers invite John Hawkins to their keynote speaker (hint, hint!)

Michelle signs The Wall:

Lou Barletta signs The Wall:

More photos of Wall signers can be found HERE


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Wenesday Troika

Karen Heller, The Inq’s resident expert on “ignorant, semi literate boob’s” and cheesesteaks is feeling the after-effects of a political equivalent to a one night stand.

We’re sad, not bitter, sad. Bereft, even. Hillary’s left. Barack’s departed. They’ve moved on.

We haven’t.

The phone slumbers. The mail slot’s liberated from the clot of political mailers. Our Outlook inbox is cleared of hourly missives.

The governor and mayor called nightly, never at 3 a.m., but nightly. “Bet it’s Ed, again,” we declared before lifting the receiver. Sure enough, it was.

In the final stages, the surrogates receded.

Barack, Hillary and the Big Dog phoned directly, as well they should. We
mattered, big time.

Now, where, oh where, is the love?

Yeah, love and politics can bite – big time. Despite these clanging chimes of doom, the writer finds a familiar theme to cling to in this dark time – BDS .

But when Pennsylvanians get angry and frustrated about the state of things, they don’t cling to guns or religion.

They cling to their utter disgust with the Bush administration.

And so goes another notch in the political landscape of Pennsylvania. If this encounter left liberals blue, imagine how they will feel when McCain moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Jennifer Gallagher’s New Blog!

To my friends, I have started a new blog. I created it to try and change things. I got tired of hearing “oh, nothing is made made in American anymore” when nothing could be further from the truth. You can purchase American made products and I’m going to point in the direction how. I’ve been working on this for a while. If anyone has any information or input feel free to do so. I have many links and it will be a while before it starts going anywhere but the first company I posted on my site as a proud American manufacturer is Valley Forge Flags. These are the brand of flags I display and carry when going into battle with anti American peace protesters. I hope everyone will help out by taking the time to do some research visit my blog and the links before you plunk down your hard earned cash and end up with some foreign made junk. My blog is called “Made in the USA” and here is the address:


Iraq War Veteran and Family Assaulted

Peace Protesters, College Professors and Hillary Supporters assault Iraqi War Veteran and Family while citizens do nothing to intervene. I am saddened, but not surprised, to read this account. My thoughts and prayers are with this family.

Others reporting:

Melanie Morgan

Peace Thugs


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My Vote

This is how the cookie crumbled in Pennsylvania – VOTES BY COUNTY

Interesting to note that Obama did not do so well outside metropolitan areas and their adjacent suburbs. Also, why is Chester County so slow in counting their votes? H/T: Mike


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Pennsylvania Caucus Live Chat April 22

To participate in this live chat please click on this LINK!

Points To Ponder before the live chat:

Single Women Voters – Pennsylvania

Single women overwhelmingly vote Democratic and in Pennsylvania one in four voters is a single woman, according to the “Women’s Voices. Women Vote Action Fund,” a group trying to mobilize the nation’s women voters. On every primary election day since, unmarried women voters have set records in turnout. Overall, they made up 26 percent of the electorate in the February 5 Democratic primaries where marital status was asked — a number which exceeds their share of registered voters in these states. In every state except three, unmarried women made up a larger proportion of the Democratic primary electorate than their current registration suggested.

A Democratic Meltdown?

On a variety of these websites, attached to article after article, are strings of comments from readers that are startling to me. What I’m seeing and hearing a lot of is total opponent hatred within our own party. I’ve seen piles upon piles of comments that “if Hillary doesn’t win the nomination, I’ll never vote for Obama” or “if Obama doesn’t win the nomination, I’ll never vote for Clinton.

Quinnipiac University Poll – April 21,2008

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton leads Illinois Sen. Barack Obama 51 – 44 percent among Pennsylvania likely Democratic primary voters, compared to 50 – 44 percent last week, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. From April 18 – 20, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,027 Pennsylvania likely Democratic primary voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points.

Obama wins Metro Poll

Obama has the support of 46 percent of readers in a Metro Life Panel poll taken over the weekend, compared to only 33 percent who support Clinton. The remaining 21 percent are either undecided or support neither.

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