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Archive for July 2007

A New Race Begins

MSPCA wants you to help close the book on Greyhound racing in Massachusetts.

I realize this is late to posting and I’m not in the geographical area to attend this event. However, it is important information regarding the plight of Greyhounds and the dog racing industry. Of note, this sport was ‘glamorized’ in Matt Damon’s break out movie – Good Will Hunting – the same movie where Damon’s South Boston character speaks highly of Howard Zinn.

Join greyhounds, the MSPCA, The HSUS, GREY2K USA, and the Committee to Protect Dogs as an initiative petition to protect greyhounds is filed with the Attorney General on Wednesday, August 1, 2007, at 11:00a.m. Greyhounds will walk from the State House to Ashburton Place in Boston to file the petition. Please join us particularly if you have a greyhound friend you can bring!

If passed, the initiative, which will be voted on in November of 2008, will end greyhound racing in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA), The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and GREY2K USA recognize that dogs play an important role in our lives, and deserve to be protected from individuals and industries that would cause them harm. At local racetracks, thousands of dogs endure lives of nearly endless confinement and are kept in small cages barely large enough for them to stand up or turn around for long hours each day. More than 700 dogs have been injured while racing in Massachusetts over the past five years, including dogs that suffered broken legs, cardiac arrest, spinal cord paralysis and a broken neck – cruelty this law will stop.


Upcoming GOE Events

America Supports You Freedom Walk – September 9, 2007

TASK FORCE EAGLE – September 15, 2007

I hope to see many of my blogging compatriots at one or both of these events.


Sheehan VS GOE

The Mother of Casey Sheehan opines on her vision of a peaceful harmonious world:

It is about time us “peasants” (in the eyes of the Fascist Ruling Elite) march on DC with our “pitchforks” of righteous anger and our “torches” of truth to demand the ouster of BushCo. I have a dream of the detention centers that George has built and filled being instead filled with Orange Clad neo-cons and neo-connettes.

It sounds more like a fascists’ wet dream of America.

I’m sure the first people she would throw in these ‘detention centers’ would be the membership of the Gathering of Eagles.

The mother of Casey Sheehan has repeatedly encountered Eagles at every speaking venue in the past few weeks. At each event, she cut short her speaking engagement, complained about the Gathering of Eagles then promptly redeployed herself and her minions. You can read about her exploits here:

Charlottesville, Va
Columbus, Ga
Philadelphia, Pa
Union Square, NYC

Apparently the Eagles have touched a nerve with the Mother of Casey Sheehan. A recent blog entry posted on michaelmoore.com she had this to say about the Eagles:

”At the School of the Assassins in Columbus, GA, and in Charlotte, NC, we ran into similar problems: police presence that seemed to be there to foster violence. At both places the neo-Nazi, pro-war fascist group “Gathering of Eagles” came out to mostly try to intimidate us from our mission,”
There are days when it is good to be an Eagle.

You can take the actions of the Mother of Casey Sheehan as an object lesson of why the Democrat plan of cutting & running from Iraq is an atrocious idea. Whenever she came in contact with the Eagles, she prompty cut and ran. Did it stop the Eagles in their tracks? Oh hell NO! Quite the opposite, it emboldened the membership to organize counter rallys at all of her public speaking engagements. Chris Hill, National Director of GOE summed up the departure of the Mother of Casey Sheehan in Philadelphia by observing “It was a win, pure and simple.”

Conversly, the Democrats plan to redeploy troops from Iraq will be considered by terrorists as a ‘win, pure and simple.’

It does make one pause to consider what side, precisely, the democrats are supporting.


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Hazelton takes a loss

The city of Hazelton, PA suffered a stinging loss when a clinton-appointee federal judge ruled against their decision to consider illegal residents as, well, illegal.

Hazelton, Pa

A federal judge on Thursday struck down the city of Hazleton’s tough anti-immigration law, ruling unconstitutional a measure that has been copied around the country.

Since when did the Constitution extend its privileges to non-citizens of the US? I truly hope this matter is put before the Supreme Court. I find it interesting that sanctuary cities, such as New Haven, CT find no problem flouting the very same laws the citizens of Hazelton are attempting to uphold.

You can send a note of support to the Mayor of Hazelton - HERE


The Two Tales of One Protest

July 24th:The Mother of Casey Sheehan hosts “American Hatefest – Philly Style”.

Well, I’m sure that was what the Metro really wanted to title this report. It is interesting to note the number of Eagles reported by the author Josh Cornfield is this little expose:

While Lutz and about 15 others from the Gathering of Eagles made sure to have their voices heard, yesterday’s rally in front of the Independence Visitors Center was for the most part a chance for orange-clad protesters to let the world know they think Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should be impeached.

Chris Hill ,GOE National Director for Operations, made the following observations about the events of the day.

It was a win, pure and simple.

By the time Cindy arrived we numbered around 40 and the opposition was around 100. That, of course, meant they were completely out-numbered. With air horns and loud voices we challenged Cindy as she took the place of dishonor. Within a minute she was directly responding to my challenges, and 2 to 5 minutes later she was gone, citing security concerns.

The weather was perfect, the brothers and sisters amazing. Eagle Tom Murtha, a Marine who served a year in Korea and better than three tours in Vietnam, summed up the day with a perfect retort to a challenge of, “Why don’t you join the Army if you like the war so much?”

“Lady,” he replied, “I’m a Marine who has 4 years of combat service, and you ain’t doing to these guys what you did to us.” No my brothers and sisters, they will not. Manchu.

Unable to counter the Eagles present at the Constitution Center, the anti-everything protesters scurried away to take position at Broad and Vine Streets – just in time for me to bump into them after work. It was a tough day to be a moonbat. As you can see in the photos below, their numbers were thin to the point of being anorexic. One could not ignore the air of depression and despair around this few stalwarts – they simply did not look happy or sane.


On the Perkiomen Trail

It never ceases to amaze me what wonders can be found when communing with nature.

Took the new bicycle out on its inaugural run through a section of the Perkiomen Trail and discovered an antique/consignment shop just off the trail. The market makes a perfect rest stop during this 20 mile excursion and to my wonderment, I discovered this vintage silk dress that fit nearly perfectly.

Further along the trail is a greenhouse/nursery that has to be seen to believed. Ott’s Wholesale Nursery is truly a Pennsylvania curiosity.


“Do not leave us.”

Along the banks of the Euphrates River, 400 municipal leaders and local professionals gathered July 7 for the “Promise of the People” conference in Ramadi. “This conference is very important,” said Col. John Charlton, 1st Brigade Combat Team commander. “It’s very important from the standpoint that it shows a continued resolve from the tribal leaders to maintain unity against al-Qaida, support of the Iraqi security forces, and the government of Iraq, as well as support of the efforts of the coalition Forces.”

In the video, Iraqi Police LT COL Salah Arrak al Awani pleads “Do not leave us”. This is precisely the game plan of the Democrat Party and their supporters. Abandoning Iraqi citizens to the vicious treatment of terrorists is what they can proudly say was ‘done in their name.’As Michael Yon noticed in his report “Bless the Beasts and the Children“, Amy Proctor finds a similar appalling lack of coverage of this event by local media outlets.

This is also the story of Iraq – one of hope for a better future – of and by the people of Iraq. The same people the Democrats plan to turn their backs on.

H/T: Amy Proctor


If Not You, Then Who?

Today I received an email from the organization Vets for Freedom detailing their grass root effort called ’10 Weeks to Testimony’

Veterans from across the country will gather in DC this Tuesday, July 17th, in order to meet with a number of senators to discuss the importance of their support of the Iraq war strategy – better known as The Surge.

They are asking for the senators to consider these three commonsense approaches to victory in the War on Terror.

  1. General Petraeus deserves enough time to implement a winning counter-insurgency strategy in Iraq.
  2. Retreat means a failed state in Iraq and a safe haven for Al Qaeda to plan future attacks against America and her allies.
  3. Decisions about Iraq should be made by military commanders and generals on the ground-not politicians in Washington, DC.

This is a noble effort made by those who put everything on the line to protect our precious freedom. Ironically, they now have returned home from duty only to find their fight is not yet over. The only thing that’s becoming clearer by the day is that America’s main opponent in Iraq is really in Washington DC.

Those of us who support Winning in Iraq can reinforce this message by taking a few minutes out of your day tomorrow to contact your home state Senators to express your support of the Surge and the Vets on the Hill.


Fox News at the Beach

Finally -fox news!
After nearly a week, I gained control of the remote and two nanoseconds later reason, logic and sanity were finally found.


Lewinsky Hot Sauce

Yes, that is right – Monica votes Republican because the Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth.

Hat Tip to my sister, Diane, for this find!


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