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Archive for March 2007

Man Friday: Gerard Butler

This video captures the attraction of Gerard Butler. Enjoy the pretty…

I did.


A New Day Has Risen

Saturday morning arrived with an early wakeup call from CJ, informing me he was on his way to the hotel. 45 minutes later – a record for me – I was dressed and heading towards the hotel lobby to meet CJ. Monica and Troll were en route to the hotel so it was only a matter of time before we headed out to the Mall. CJ and I met quite a few interesting individuals who were participating in this pro-American rally. One couple flew in from Germany in order to take part in this event! One of the veterans gathered in the lobby presented CJ with a unique gift of lip moisturizer that contained a special added ingredient of bacon oil. The moisturizer is a perfect gift to give to your jihadi friends here and abroad. The City Troll reported for duty a day out of surgery with his arm in a sling and his fingers stained a greenish-blue from the antiseptic used during the procedure. I remarked to Monica how the coloration really suited the Troll.

It was a brisk, C-O-L-D day at the Mall. Holy cow, it was frakking COLD and quite muddy at the GOE staging area and in ANSWERS bullpen. Thankfully, my boots, not the monuments were the only casualty of this weekend.

My first impression of the staging area was of the hundreds of American Flags on display and the number of people assembled there so early in the morning. I knew then and there this was no typical gathering. Today a new day dawned for those who understand the price of freedom.

In addition to liveblogging this event, and meeting up with bloggers that I greatly admire, I wanted to use this opportunity to work on my photojournalism skills. I envisioned myself as an East Coast Zombie capturing images ignored by the MSM. If you haven’t viewed his work, I suggest you do so after reading my report. Little did I know that on this day I would meet a character from the Zombie photo chronicles here in DC.

CJ and I walked over to the staging ground of A.N.S.W.E.R and company. One the first things that jumped out, besides the derth of supporters in the ANSWER bullpen, was the collection of media vans lined up alongside the protestor’s camp. Fox News and Channel 7 news vans were parked and their crews were busy setting up equipment.

Below is a close up crop of the same picture reveals the Impeach Bush tents. Note the direction the camera is pointed.

After a few moments of picture taking, we headed back to the GOE staging area in order to listen to Kit from Euphoric Reality sing the National Anthem.


Crossing Over

As the day unfolded, early media reports went something like this:

NY Times:

As they gathered before the march, the protesters met what several veterans of the antiwar movement described as an unusually large contingent of several hundred counterdemonstrators. Many were veterans in biker jackets who said they had come to protect the nearby Vietnam Memorial, citing rumors that had circulated among veterans groups that the demonstrators planned to deface it.

Cox News

While police in the nation’s capital no longer give official crowd estimates at public demonstrations, The Associated Press said a private count by police found perhaps 10,000 to 20,000 antiwar marchers and hundreds of counter-protesters.

LA Times

The counterprotesters, fewer in number but no less vocal, gathered on the east side of the Vietnam Wall and shouted political taunts

As CJ, Kit and myself wandered around the anti-war staging ground, it was quite apparent that there was far more elbow room here than over at the GOE staging ground. Twice I heard the MC ask the liberals to gather closer to the stage in an effort to make it appear there were more people present. This aggregation made it easier for the media to photograph this seemingly large group of protesters. Don’t take my word for it or that of Cajun Tiger. CJ over at A Soldier’s Perspective posted an audio recording of this request. All during this time, I was snapping photos with my cellphone and sending them to Midnightblue. I happened be in the middle of reporting on the liberal no-show to Mike’s America just as the MC started to crank out what some might call music. I managed to video a portion of one of most requested songs in his lineup in anticipation of sharing it with all of you. Enjoy!


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Soaring Eagles

The Gathering Of Eagles.

It was a gathering like no other that I have attended. The Eagles soared and the AW/AA crowd took notice despite the media attempts to ignore the Eagles.

Motoring from Philly during a rain/sleet/hail storm that seemed relentless on a Friday afternoon. I wondered what was to become of this rally as I made my way south on I-95. Jack was real trooper in the near whiteout motoring conditions and I arrived safely at the hotel in Arlington.

I’d like to acknowledge those bloggers who stood with me during this Pro-American rally organized by The Gathering of Eagles in DC.


Grizzly Mama

The City Troll

Cajun Tiger



Steve’s Hodgepodge

Maries Two Cents

A big thank you goes to Mike Miller, author of Mike’s America. Without his support and guidance, my ‘liveblogging’ experiment would not have gotten off the ground.

I’d also like promote a product at this time: The Motorola Razr V3
My Razr was inadvertently dropped at least 10 times during this rally and continued to work perfectly – no dropped calls and the camera worked without fail. This cell phone has garnered the MidnightBlue seal of approval. Stop what you are doing and get one NOW!

Now..on to the story!


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After Action Report


Moonbats on Parade


Parade of Fools


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Group Pic


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Must be experts…


Lots of Room on the Other Side

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